Meet The Barn

Kohl is up for a half lease. He is not open for a  beginner but someone who is serious about riding and has eventing experience. He has had dressage training and is a great endurance horse with hundreds of miles out on the trail. Contact Adina for details. He is not for sale.


Bohdi is an 11-year-old haflinger POA cross .He is great on leadline for the younger kids but is a talented little jumper and low level dressage horse for the more experienced rider. Bohdi came from the Equine Sanctuary and Rescue in 2010 and was my first rescue horse.

RIP old man Willow. This bay gelding taught countless people in his 35 years on earth.  He is the horse who started it all and was my buddy for almost 20 years.  He is missed by all who knew and learned from him.

The Kids favorite! PUNKIE! Welsh x chestnut pony. The perfect gentleman. Standing at 12hh he is the perfect starter pony but will jump and  trot for the more experienced riders.


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One response to “Meet The Barn

  • Rebecca

    Adina was a dream placement for us at the rescue! She immediately felt a connection to Bohdi and by coincidence was perfect for him….adventurous, honest, and skillful. A pony as strong, with as much depth as Bohdi has requires commitment and caring….I truly never thought I would find someone who understands and loves him like I do! He was a personal rescue I took to my heart. I feel he is safe forever as a part of Adina’s family! She has been able to give him even more than we could and that my friends spells success.
    Best wishes,
    Rebecca and Equine Sanctuary & Rescue

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