Hello world, I am Adina Roberts. I have dedicated my life to horses. Horses for me are a lifelong obsession/passion and after the death of my father in 2009 I stopped working as an executive and followed my lifelong dream to wake up everyday and work with a horse. I have been giving riding lessons on the side for the past ten years. After ending my corporate previous life I threw myself full force into training, teaching and just learning more. Today I am a full-time teacher/trainer and occasionally carriage driver in downtown Seattle.

I love meeting new people, training “problem horses,” teaching, and adding new skills to my own horse tool box. I offer unique lessons as I am known for riding “naked.” Naked has nothing to do with what I am wearing… or not wearing but that the horse is bareback and bridleless . This is only open to my advanced and serious students as it takes skill and a knowledge of riding at be successful at.

I really love children and ponies so they are really what I have tailored my barn to( I do take beginner adults). I have a Sunday afternoon pony club which starts at 1:30pm and ends at 5pm. It is a laid back barn day where kids help care for the ponies and horses, do an activity of some sort then ride. We will be starting an adult club in the near future.


Willow and Toby are the best kids ever!


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  • Fiona Cook

    Our daughter is 5.5 years old and LOVES horses – she has been riding once before, last year (accompanied) and really took to the experience. We are also from a family of ‘horse folk’ with a family owned riding facility in Adare Ireland – which is a bit far for us to go to… 🙂
    I am interested in your July 9th series – is that open to children of her age? She is currently 52 lbs at a height of just under 4ft (about the size of a seven yr old).
    Are the classes at the Seattle location? We reside in West Seattle so it would be more convenient (I think).
    Thanking you in advance,
    Fiona Murray Cook

    • punkrockpony

      Yes that session is open to children who are your daughters age. Yes classes are at the address listed on my blog. It is a very easy drive from West Seattle to get here. I use the 90 when I travel to your neighborhood and it takes around 30 minutes without traffic.
      Please call me anytime at 702-285-1219 if you would like to sign up for that session.


  • Angel Wang

    Hi, I’m a college student and have no experience with horses…will you be offering the 60min session in late September still? Coz my cousin is visiting Seattle at that time and I’m thinking about bringing her to the barn! 🙂

  • Tiffany

    Good Afternoon,
    Are you still holding your Sunday Afternoon pony club? If so is it pay per session or a one time fee for so many sessions? I have a daughter who is 8.

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